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Package supplies of the metal products

Production range


  • seamless hot formed with diameter of 57-610 mm;

  • seamless cold formed with diameter of 0.8-114 mm;

  • welded with diameter of 10-1200 mm.


  • Fittings: return bends, elbows, tees, reducers, caps, weldolets with diameter of 21.3-1219 mm;

  • flanges, nipo flanges of 21.3-1524 mm; pressure (strength) classes ANSSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500; spectacle blinds, paddles, blanks, gaskets;

  • forgings: bars, disks, shafts, rings, tube sheets.

Grades and standards

  • titanium based alloys: Gr. 1, 2, 2H, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 16, 23;

  • nickel alloys: NS08800 / NS08810 / NS08811, NS08825, NS06625; NS06600, NS04400, NS02200;

  • duplex and super duplex: UNSS S32750, S31803 / S32205, S32760;

  • austenitic grades: SS304 / 304L / 304H, SS316 / 316L / 316H, SS321 / 321H, SS347 / 347H; SS309S, SS310S, SS316Ti, TP317L;

  • alloy grades: P11, P22, P5, P9, P91;

  • carbon: Gr B, Gr 6


  • ASTM A312, A335, A790, B407, B423;


  • ASTM A269, A213, A789, B161, B163, B165, B167, B444, B338, B861, B622; AMS

  • 4942-494;

  • ASTM A312, A358, A691.

ASTM A234, A403, A815, B366;
ASTM A105, A182, A350, A694, A707;



Pipes and fittings for red heaters & coils:

  • dimensional ranges: OD 42,16-273,0 mm, WTH 2,77-23,01 mm;

  • austenitic stainless steels TP321NS, TP347NS, TP316Ti, TP317L, TP304H, TP310S, NS08825;

  • alloyed grades P5, P9, P91;

  • 1-4-hour stabilization annealing;

  • the pipes are supplied with the maximum length to minimize the number of welds.

Pipes and Fittings for shell-and-tube heat exchangers and control&measurement systems:

  • OD 6-38 mm, WTH 0 4-3 mm, length up to 26 m;

  • austenitic and duplex stainless steels SS304 / L, SS316 / L, S32205, nickel and titanium based alloys NS02200, NS04400, NS06625, NS08825, Gr1, 3, 5, 7;

  • heat treatment in vacuum furnaces and in pure hydrogen atmosphere;

  • corrosion tests: ASTM A262 (pr. B, C, E).


Urea production:

  • strippers, coolers, scrubbers: heat exchanging pipes of austenitic grade 25Cr22NSi- 2Mo (1.4466 or 310MoLNS) or alternatively super-duplex steel S32750 (2507, 1.4410) with higher resistance to pitting (pit corrosion) due to a higher PRENS factor; dimensional range OD 19–26 mm, TC1.65-2.11 mm, length up to 26 m;

  • pipelines and pipeline parts: 25Cr-22NSi-2Mo (1.4466 or 310MoLNS) or 316LUG (1.4435);

  • Corrosion tests: ASTM A262 (pr.B, C). Corrosion rates: 0.1 mm / year.

Production of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, nitrogen fertilizers:

  • pipes for heating elements of dehydrate production from alloy NS08028, S32750 (2507, 1.4410), TP904L; dimensional range 57x3mm and 85x4mm;

  • pipelines and pipeline parts: TP904L, TP304L, TP310, 03H18NS11, 08H18NS10T, 10X23NS18;

  • heat exchange tubes: TP304L, TP310, 03H18NS11, 08H18NS10T, 10X23NS18;

  • Corrosion tests: ASTM A262 (pr.B, C).


  • Piping spools for Thermal and Nuclear power

  • Tubes for coal- fired boilers

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Package supplies of the metal products

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