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About the company

Welcome to Energy Line AG!

We are a Swiss based international trading company operating as a provider of high-quality piping for critical applications in power generation, in automotive and mechanical sector, in petrochemical, in oil and gas industries.

Our supply range of products consists of pipes, fittings, hangers, supports, as well as pipeline sections that could be assembled both at the manufacturing facilities and on-site of the project. On top of that, we offer engineered solutions for development of piping and instrumentation diagrams, as well as design implementation of particular pipeline elements. We are a team of professionals with more than 10 years of solid knowledge and experience in the energy business, having worked in international environment and in various markets and industries.

We are experts in distribution of piping and fittings of carbon, low alloy, stainless and advanced heat resistant grades of steel that are used in modern thermal and nuclear power plants, as well as in production of metals and chemical products.

We have strong business relationships with the world's leading manufacturers of coils for pipelines, fittings, pipes and tubes. This allows us to deliver uninterrupted and reliable products to customers and end users, whether it is a simple one-off delivery of a single product or a complex boiler/turbine, or an entire BOP complex for a large power plant.

We are specialists in fulfilling challenging demands of our customers. From basic engineering to site supervision, you could entirely trust our team of experienced professionals who will ensure on-time delivery and installation of competitive high quality piping to any location in the World.

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