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Piping-spools TPBS Company

TBPS Company Production

The specialization of TPBS Company is manufacturing and delivery of pipelines elements for thermal and nuclear power plants and also for metallurgical and petrochemical works.

Manufacturing area of the first turn was commissioned in February 2010 and makes about 4000 m2. The size of the building, columns, interesting space and height of roof trusses made it possible to install required manufacturing and materials-handling equipment due to process design scheme and special machine layout, which enables (transfer) of workpieces and finish products through shop bay without causing any oncoming traffic and narrow places.

Choosing the equipment, we preferred only the best one. Our suppliers are both domestic companies such as Fronius-Ukraine Ltd, CSSC «Kerammash», «Kharkov experimental factory of hoisting-and-transport machine-building Ltd» and foreign leading ones Weldotherm (Germany), ABC Schafer (Germany), Messer (Germany), Faccin (Italy), YXLON (Germany), ESAB (Sweden), GK EXEN (Russia).

All main working operations – tubes and metal-roll flame cutting, bending, thermal treatment, welding and control – are automated. They are carried out on the modern European equipment and guarantee high and consistent production quality.

The main products of TPBS Company pipeline production are I-IV category steam and hot- water pipelines according to Safety Rules (PB) 10-573-03 and Standards for thermal power plant steam and hot water pipelines (STO CKTI 10-003-2007)

The shaped elements and assemblies include:

Straight pipes with welded edges;
bent pipes with R/Do>3 where R means bending radius, mm, Do - outside pipe diameter, mm;
short radius bent pipes with 1,4;
pipe elbows without straight divisions with 1;
T-joints and formed (turned), forged, welded equal and transition, long-neck etc. forks for operation with water steam medium with the pressure not more than 0,007 MPa and with the temperature more than 115°С;
formed, turned and welded adapters;
formed, turned, flanged, fat, ellipsoidal and other caps;
fat and welding neck flanges;
welded constructions – flow meters;
fittings, weldolets, plugs.

As primary parts for manufacturing are used seamless pipes, forged pieces and profiled iron. For pipelines transporting steam with the temperature to 545°C and under the pressure of 255 kg/cm2 are used the steel types 20, 15GS, 16GS, steel 12H1MF, 15H1M1F, 08N18N10T etc. and for pipelines with increased operation medium parameters (temperature to 650°C, pressure 350 kg/cm2) are used high-temperature materials such as P-91, P-92 (Germany, the USA), 10H9MFB (Russia). The thickness of raw material reaches 80 mm, the outer diameters reach 1000mm, the rated speed of operation medium inside the pipeline is 40-60 m/s. All in the production used materials must comply with the Rules of setup and safe use of steam and hot water pipelines.

The bent branch pipes DN 10-200 mm and R≥3.0 DN are made by cold bending with winding on sectors. The short radius bent branch pipes DN 50-500mm with wall thickness to 75 mm and bend radius R≥1,4 DN and bent branch pipes DN 200-1000 mm with wall thickness up to 100 mm are produced by means of by bending combined with induction heating.

Conditions of bending processes on all the benders are accompanied by automatic check and bending protocol. The welded reducers DN 400-2440 mm cylindrical shells and cylinder courses with wall thickness up to 20 mm are made of metal sheets by cold bending on sheet-bending machines with subsequent joint welding.

For cutting out tubular and sheet billets are used in manufacture plasma-arc and oxygen cutting NC machines and also machine-made severing with the following edge machining. Interior and external surfaces and edges are treated for welding on lathes, mills, horizontal borers and purpose-designed edge-milling machines.
Thermal treatment of details is carried out in 56 m3 gas and 10 m3 electric bogie furnaces and heat treatment units with devices for automatic process monitoring.
Manual electric-arc welding with coated electrodes, manual and automatic argon-arc welding, machine argon–arc welding with consumable electrodes and automatic hidden arc welding are also used at the Plant. Welding of pipelines elements is carried out with the equipment, which meets the legal requirements (Certificates №ACSO – 68–00108 from 26.012010, № ACSO–68– 00109 from 01.02.2010, № ACSO–68–00110 from 18.02.2010).

The welding procedures are certified for M1 and M02 materials of pipelines for thermal power plants (Certificate № ACST – 60 – 00010, № ACST – 60 – 00011 from 20.09.2007).
The welding superintendent and welders are certified in compliance with the PB 03-273-99 requirements (Certificate Nr CR -2AC-II-05005, MP -7GAC-IY00026, MP -7GAC-IY-00027, MP -7GAC-IY-00025).

Shaped elements, assembly units and blocks of pipelines are delivered according to the standards and standard drawings of Design Service the customers to erection site, aggregated and assembled into a pipeline in compliance with the project. After assembly and checking the pipeline is brought into operation.


Address: Chuguev District, p.g.t. Malinovka, Getman Ostryanin Str, 2Kharkov, UKRAINE, 63525
+380 (577) 280730

Production range

Diameter up to 1020 mmWall thickness up to 100 mm
Up to 12000х2400х2000 mm, mass up to 20 tons

Diameter 16 – 1200 mmWall thickness 2 – 100 mm

Diameters 80 - 830 mm, 50 - 1200 mm, 900 - 1400 mm

10х6-500-450 mm, 65х50-300х200 mm, 350х250-1600-1400 mm and others

6 - 65 mm, 10 - 350 mm, 100х50-600х150 mm

80 - 800 mm

Grades and standards

10, 20, 20-PV, 15GS, 15KhM, 12Kh1M, 12Kh1MF-PV, 15Kh1M1F, 10Kh9MFB, 08Kh18N10T, 12Kh18N10N, 10CrMoVNb9-1, 10CrMoVNb9-2 and others

St3sp, 10,20, 17GS, 17G1S, 17G1SU and others

St3sp, 10,20, 17GS, 17G1S, 17G1SU and others

20, 22K, 15GS, 16GS, 12MKh, 15KhM, 12Kh1MF, 15Kh1M1F and others

20K, 22K, 15GS, 16GS, 09G2S and others

GOST 8731 (gr.B), GOST 8733 (gr.B), GOST 9940, GOST 9941, GOST 10706 (gr.B), GOST 10705 (gr.B), GOST 20295, GOST 8479 (gr.1V,V), GOST 5520

TU 14-3-190, TU 14-3R-55, TU 14-3-460, TU 108-874, TU 3-923, TU 14-3-1892, TU 14- 3-197, TU 14-3-620, TU -14-3-954, TU 13.03.011-00212179 (TU 14-3-808), TU 14-3-954, TU 108.1268

EN 13480, EN 12952, EN 1594, EN 10253, EN 10216, EN 10217, EN 10028, EN 10222

ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8



  • Thermal power plants

  • Electric power industry

  • Chemicals manufacturers

  • Oil and gas companies

  • Turbine island pipelines

  • Internal boiler pipelines

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